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Why oh why did I start here?..

Truth be told, I'm too good at working my way up to things. Since I can remember, I've always been that person that jumps straight in and thinks about the consequences afterwards. I guess that explains how I view life, but that's a topic for another time.

To start, let me say, as a creative in many fields, I am obsessively chasing the next defining moment in my life. To the point I nearly miss out on the here & now at times. Why? Because to me, those moments are the ones we remember! we don't remember washing the dishes, cleaning the house, folding clothes, no! We only take the life altering moments with us. (Defining Moment Definition: A point at which the essential natural or character of a person, group, etc., is revealed or identified.)

It was Saturday, the holidays were coming to a close & I had completed all the tasks I had set before myself. I awoke itching for an adventure! I packed my camera gear & headed for the highway!

Something about being on the road just clams the mind & gives you time to filter out the junk, focussing only on what matters. Joy, Peace & Love.

I had no plans, no accomodation but high expectations. Yes, I wanted this to be my next defining moment! I wanted to capture an image that would suspend time & inspire countless individuals to chase their defining moments!

Arriving in the city of Newcastle, it wasn't what I had predicted it to be, there were no motivated individuals hustling to make their next appointment. The cafe's weren't buzzing wih energy. If anything, it was boring..

Fast forward a little. The sun had made it's decent & the night sky was somewhat milky, like someone had stuffed it into a blender. I think it had something to do with the cloud cover, but it was a beautiful texture, like those paintings you see in Art Galleries, I could have sworn if I reached out, my finger tips would touch it.

It was late, I was so caught in finding my "moment" I forgot to organise accommodation. I suppose I still could have, but part of me wanted to rough it, "everyone else would be sleeping inside" - I told myself. Besides I didn't travel all that way to do what I could have done at home. To be honest, I find it so funny how we can travel to the other side of the world only to do the things we would do at home...

Awaking to the sound of the ocean & my alarm.. I Quilty got myself together while crawling over the seats in my car to start the engine. I needed to be at the location I had picked the day before as the sun was rising. I've never really been a fan of long exposures in Photography, however I needed to challenge myself, after all, you can expect anything to change if you are unwilling to o so yourself.

The images above are the result of my adventure, yes I took many more, but they are the only ones I was happy with.

The biggest lesson I learnt from this adventure, is, don't try to force, life, people, events, places into your tiny box of what you believe they should be. Rather, let them reveal themselves to you. Defining moments will come & they will go, enjoy the journey, love one another & always be kind.


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