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The most important thing I can express, is to love people as they are! We all have our faults, we all come from different worlds with somewhat different beliefs.

Recently, I have had the privilege of working abroad with different acts ranging from DJ's to Swimwear Models. I've met some of the most incredible people, with amazing inspirational stories!

The biggest lesson I have learnt, is our words are power! What we speak into people's lives has an effect, with that in mind, when we speak words of life into another they ascend to meet the level we have granted them. After all we are all connected.

The reason I chose the title FIND YOUR TRIBE for my post & then decided to give this Gandhi like wisdom is I believe I have stumble across something that will change the course of your life! That's right, I'm not writing this to give your some watered down, half winded dibble you can find in your news feed on Facebook. I live my life by I creed! IF IT'S NOT LIFE CHANGING, IT IS SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Now, we've established the foundations & we understand one another, lets move on to the point of this blog.

You like so many others have dream! Yes, we all have dreams! But what if I told you that we as people are not just connected on a physical level & that I believe our dreams are a window into a deeper level of existence!

Now before you say to yourself "What's this guy smoking", hear me out. Have you ever noticed that it takes a volume of people to create something? Example a family, a sporting team, a workplace (with some exceptions), school, university, you get the point. Well now put the into the context of just one of the above examples, lets say a sporting team. A sporting team on a minimal level is made up of a coach, players (both on field & in reserve), without these basic components the sporting team will not only fall apart, but it will not reach it's desired destination.

In your life, you have so many people coming into your world daily, there is a lot of noise in our lives, so much so, they sometimes drain out the whispers. One of which is linking up with the right people, to bring your dream into reality! THAT'S RIGHT! It's going to take PEOPLE to make your DREAM happen! Here's the good news though! There are other people out there that have another piece of your dream in their heads! How would they know what your dream is? Well, like I said we are all connected!

(Recent Music Video project I worked on - photo by Jesse Blount)

Yes, it's going to take risk, you will have to be brave, you will have to trust it is all going to work out & you will have to believe in others so they can believe in you! But isn't that the way life is suppose to be?

The take home is, FIND YOUR TRIBE! Make your DREAM happen!

Peace, Love & Happiness to all.


- Images by me unless specified -

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