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What are you aiming for? What are your goals? In order for you to get things right on the outside you have to lay the right foundations on the inside!

I think it's true in life, with all the success stories we hear/read about, it almost seems as though anyone can become an 'overnight success' and for the most part I would agree with that statement. Yes, the access we have to new technologies and the wealth of knowledge that is readily available to us today is nothing sort of incredible. However, let us not forget the hardwork, adjustment, pain and stretching that is required for that next level we so eagerly want!

Photographer // Joshua Sgarano

I had a meeting with a client the other day in the beautiful city of Sydney, as we were discussing projects he mentioned how he'd seen all of his friends reach accreted levels of success in their fields in short periods of time, although he admitted it made him feel somewhat disheartened, to my surprise I heard him say "the longer it takes to rise, the harder it is to fall".

As a fashion photographer and model, I understand if you have an outfit with the wrong foundations under it (yes I'm talking about those extra pounds!) that outfit is going to turn against you, it's going to fight you like a hungry animal! See, if you can afford the outfit but lack the discipline to wear it in a way that's going to look good and think just because you bought the outfit it's going to automatically look cute, your foundations will show.

Photographer // Joshua Sgarano

See, the gift is in the grind! That pain you face today, the pride you have stripped away lays a foundation for your future success story!

This world is forever changing, your life will be forever changing! When the storms come (and they will), what you have built your life upon will determine whether you rise or fall. Storms come to test your foundation, to see if you're grounded. The test comes again and again, if you're grounded you graduate.

So here's to all the graduates out there! You can do this no matter how many times you have to take the test and the ones that follow! Remember you never fail, you either win or learn! Here's to the future success stories!

Here's to the greatest year of our lives built on unmovable, fixed foundations!

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