• Joshua Sgarano


When I began this year, I set myself the goal to travel somewhere new and creative every weekend. I wanted to be inspired by culture, experiences, horizons and relationships that transcend time!

Fast forward to the now, I live a booked schedule life! Why? Because, habits and rituals determine our future! Although I can get a little complacent at times, I have a strong network of people who keep me in accountability with my goals!

Traveling has a toll, long hours in the car with little to no sleep isn't for everyone, most of recovery time is during work hours, where I'm physically there, but mentally asleep. honesty speaking, I couldn't live a normal, dull life, I mean I tried, I changed my whole life & signed up to serve in the Royal Australian Air Force. It wasn't for me, I was super depressed, I felt limited & boxed in. Our life is so short in the vastness of eternity, why live a life filled with fear, filled with complacency and lack of challenges? in order to achieve greatness, we must face everything in front of us like it's our reason to breathe! One thing I've learnt is, If you have time to breathe you have to time to pursue your dreams! So don't tell my your passionate, unless you are willing to commit to habits and rituals that align with your goals!

I love my life more than ever before! I love the outlook I have, I have the people that have surrounded me! Life is art! The way you live is art! You're life is a master piece, so paint it in a way no one will ever forgot! Compose your symphony in a way that touches and moves people so you will never be forgotten!

"The wind blows wherever it pleases

like moving pictures in glass

I hear it's joyful melody

And arise

Range's etched in my skin

like DNA

every peak defining the beauty below

like moving clouds, brushed on blue

rays that dance with chimes on the wind

What grace

words that leave the lips

the sky is but an ocean above

expression is like a grain of sand

as I swim through this vast unknown

How can one compare?

that which we have is not our own

the puppets move by the hand

as does the potter shape his clay

It is with feign tongues

that we carve our names

like rivers cut in earth

Words are mere reflections

beauty is the runaway mistress

and each season I am born

with eyes glinting upon days to come."

- Joshua Sgarano

Motivation will only get you so far! there will be times where the habits and rituals you have developed for yourself are the only things that will get you through the storms of life. Remember if you make one compromise for the sake of ease, your whole life will be compromised and you will never achieve the result you first set out for.

Aim high, because you get what you go for in life! This is your life, you don't get another one! Ask yourself what you what, position yourself to develop the habits and rituals that will bring the success in your life you are after! Then build your whole life in accordance with that goal!

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