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Hide & Go Seek In Ucluelet

Whilst we travelled around for the end of April we visited many places although my favourite destination throughout our adventures happened to be Ucluelet. This small fishing town housed one of the nicest AirBnB's we chose to stay in, particularly for its affordability but also for its comfortability and size! When we arrived at our humble stay it reminded us much of home, sea salt in the air and the sense of small family-like community was most certainly the vibe we caught. As the township was fairly quiet and relaxed the echoing sound of Seals was a happy surprise and as we walked until we could find the source of the sound we discovered a dock where more than 20 Seals were lazed under the sun, safe to say it was like an instinctual game of hide and seek and made for the best afternoon delight! If you find yourself in Ucluelet with some time to spare I would recommend hiring a bike or booking a guided Kayak trip throughout Ucluelet's harbour you may even be lucky enough to see our Seal friends just as we did!

Look Closely At The Dock!

Ucluelet or as the locals affectionally called it 'Ukee' was a 30 minute drive outside of Tofino. If you are an avid beach go'er like the four of us then Tofino is said to be the go to town, unfortunately when we were there the universe blessed us with rain and gloomy clouds that harboured an icy chill so surfing or even a quick paddle in the water was out of the question! I mean don't get me wrong as fellow Aussies we are adapted to the cold oceans but not the kind of icy residue that Tofino happened to have. When we were there we walked the streets and checked out the local stores, many of the places we found local handmade art and merchandise which to me was like finding a gold mine and if you are in need of an amazing caffeinated hit of brilliance check out the local Rhino Coffee House their home made Donuts reeled in all the Aussie's near and far. Hook, line and sinker!

You can take the girl out of the ocean but you can not take the ocean out of the girl!

On the topic of food we happened to stumble across a little hidden gem called the Raven Lady Oyster Forte and for all the foodies out there let me enlighten you! This was THE BEST OYSTERS I HAVE EVER HAD, so much so I think caps lock does not do sufficient evidence as to how good they were!

The Raven Lady

Our last day in Ukee had us wandering the streets, on-looking the community and lively hood that filled this small town when we approached the stunningly curvaceous 12 foot stainless steel statue of the Raven Lady that is when we found the Oyster Forte, after a little research I discovered that the founder of this delectable foundation created his entire business around the love and admiration he found within her monument. Upon being told he could not move her to the location he wanted he decided to set up shop in Ukee and the rest is history! Proving to me in that moment that dreams can be made anywhere as long as you have the dedication and persistence to follow them!

As you can probably gage by now our visit to Ucluelet and Tofino were short lived and not particularly adventurous, although if I have learnt anything throughout our time here in Canada it is that we don't always need to be moving at 100% light speed every single day to be 'living the dream' and that the smallest of journey's can have the largest of impacts.

Until next time,

- Liz x

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