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Horse Riding Around Pyramid Lake

Whilst in Canada we made a TO-DO list, this list comprised of all the things that we knew we would rarely have the chance to do in normal life. Things that excited us and filled us with ambition to try and save our cash whilst working our summer jobs. One of which was riding horses around the beautiful scenery that is Jasper, Alberta! Another day, another adventure and lets get bare back on track!

Get it.. Bare back horse riding.. OKAY OKAY, maybe it wasn't exactly bare back but it sure enough felt like it the day after!

For someone who grew up beside a ballet barre I had anticipated that horse riding maybe somewhat of a balance struggle. Again, just like my stand up paddle boarding dreams I had never ridden a horse before. GASP! So to say it gave your legs a real work out would be an understatement!

Unless you count that one time I took a leaded pony ride around a heritage theme park the size of my tiny backyard when I was 11 years old? Now let me tell you unlike that 5 minute pony ride, this 1 hour fully grown Horse ride was BREATH TAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

Over looking the stunning Pyramid Lake - I mean come on Canada! Can you be any more beautiful?!

Jasper Park Riding Stables is situated right in front of Jasper's beautiful Pyramid Mountain and took us a total of 20 minutes to drive there, although if you google the location it does say it is only a 5 minute drive from downtown Jasper. In true Liz fashion I did have to ring and tell them that we were running late because of this little hiccup but they were super understanding and it didn't impact our booking at all! We paid the balance when we arrived at the stables, which was a total of $52.00 CAD per person. This gives you your horse with a saddle, helmet hire and a 1 hour tour with a guide who tells you all about the horses, the history of the land and the scenery - not to mention all the basics in how to maneuver a fully grown horse! Do not underestimate the temperament of a cheeky horse!

We were told all horses housed in the stables are durable yet retired western mountain horses, all needing a happy home where they are fed plenty and still have the opportunity to be exercised daily. In fact, the very horse that Luca rode was used in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie 'The Revenant' - and it just so happened to be that he was the most cheeky among the horses, often trailing off onto his own course instead of where the rest of our group followed!

It was the most peaceful way to spend our day and before you know it our ride came to an end and we were left with such a beautiful memory and very sore inner thighs!

Horse riding is such an under rated activity and I would throughly recommend it to anyone who wanted to just escape and bare witness to the marvel and majestic beauty that is our universe! Seriously aren't we just so lucky to live on this Earth.

I hope you enjoy my second YouTube video! Until next time, - Liz x

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