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A little bit about me. Or should I say a lot?

Its always a little awkward striking conversation with strangers for the first time, it is even more weird when in reality your only speaking out loud to your computer screen. Hoping that the sentences you write make some coherent sense whilst 'auto correcting' every word you type to ensure you're seen smart enough to know how to spell or even that the punctuation is correct.. come to think of it I think this steams from pent up anxiety before English exams in school. Glad we figured that out!

So whilst I spout the babble you are so patiently reading, bear in mind that blogs are some what 'one-sided'. It's difficult to introduce myself when all I am really doing is just speaking to myself. But thats just it isn't it? We all interpret things in our own way and thats the beauty of this world.

Let me begin by telling you a story.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (11,773km's to be exact, but who's counting) there lived an Aussie gal in search of adventure and life. Many reasons were to fuel her travels abroad and if we are being honest I suppose that is where the term 'itchy palms' comes from - contrary to ones belief that does not mean your about to receive a large amount of money - I believe in her case it would be why she begun her journey abroad. Again. To find and accept every crooked line she could and can possibly posses. To explore possibilities, ease her restless soul and regain clarity. Lets not forget slay a dragon, save a prince (its the 21st century people - KEEP UP) and eat as many donuts as she could without gaining a pound! The End.

What a lovely story that be! If only it was that easy - adventures and life lessons seem so easily obtained. BUT making it work and falling down before you have won the race are difficult things to achieve and thats what I am all about, exposing the multi layeredness - I am fully aware that is not a word (HA take that English exam) - of our travels. Whether they be right outside your front door or 11,773km's away.

Now plucking up the courage to up root your entire life, de-clutter the cobwebs, fire the smoking gun and by this I mean selling all your possessions or housing them in a 10ft storage container is difficult BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Now that is a story for whole other blog entry on Material Minimalism - something in which EVERY women struggles with - Oh suitcase how in which you hate me so!

I had lost sight of the important things and let the ideals of life swallow me whole, unable to grasp anything of substance within myself. When you are left feeling like this you press the eject button, catapulting your entire seat into the wind. I felt like I needed to be reminded of more worldly matters - whilst I still have the chance to explore and do so - we're not getting any younger here!

I often tell myself 'Geez get a grip girl, you're not dying' and often with that, perspective is the most core strengthening super power I obtain. BUT our life is complexed, layered and fragile, so with that said this space wont just be about my visits to spectacular places in wonderland or advice and inspiration but a space to visit when you have no fricken idea what you're doing.

Join my gang - maybe we could be-dazzle our matching jackets?

You're not alone and neither am I so lets make stories and memories together, learn from one another and join a community of misfits and creators, rallying together to raise one another up. But before you do be sure to raise yourself.

I don't know about you guys but I could use a cup of strong coffee.. or real talk - maybe two.

Until next time,

- Liz

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