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Kickin' It In Kelowna

Kelowna is located in the stunningly breath taking BC's Okanagan Valley. The name Kelowna is derivative of the native word 'Grizzly Bear' - although we did not see a grizzly bear we did see Mother Natures best of the best throughout our travels. Snow capped mountains that framed the highways and roads, the freshest of greenery in the trees and grass and occasionally a blue sky that made you think you could see right through to doors of heaven.

We are currently on the tail end of Spring here and although the sun tried its hardest to come out and play with us, it was a weekend that brought the kind of chill you have to wear three layers for. On a side note, I have noticed the difference in seasonal traits that each new month will bring seems to be just different frequencies of COLD, although most Canadians seem to be able to walk around in shorts and t-shirt - whilst I shiver my butt off grasping at any kind of cover I can get my pasty hands on!!

Whilst we were in Kelowna we visited the local Ski Resort called 'Big White'. It's summit height is 2,319 m with a vertical drop of 777 m. To put it into perspective for any fellow Aussie's reading this, the Ski Resorts highest mountain peak is higher than Mount Cozyosko. Enough said people!

This resort has 16 operating chair lifts and 118 runs for Skiers and Snowboarders. A MASSIVE difference from the Snow Resort we have worked upon for the last four months!

A Top Of The Powder Chair.

So when my sister and I mistakenly managed to some how find our way to the bottom of the operating chair lift that took you to the top of their highest mountain and the only way back to the Resort's lodge was to go up and then snowboard down, you could say we were a tad bit nervous. Not being professional riders in the slightest the thought of having to do this both had us in hysterical laughter mixed with frantic panic *insert forehead slap here* and as the universe would have it we rode the lift all the way to the top to gail force winds and a chill I HAVE NEVER felt in my entire life only to have the bindings on my snowboard break. As you can imagine at this point we were ready to lay down and let the other boarders ride over us in an effort to get a lift down the mountain via Snow Patrol. Of course all we could do was laugh but let me tell you in that moment you think you can instantly become Bear Grylls!

Other than our daring escapades, Big White Ski Resort offered exceptional service and the yummiest Hot Chocolate - probably because by the time we all found one another again after getting lost in all that the Resort had to offer we were all frozen solid and couldn't feel our fingers and toes.

Whilst staying in Kelowna we rented a small granny flat I had found through AirBnB. There are many benefits of renting through a company like AirBnB, for us it was simply that we travel in our wolf pack of four Adults and when you travel on a budget its difficult to afford Hotel/ Motel rooms even at an affordable rate you will only the bottom of the barrel. The principal states: the less you pay, the less you receive. Which isn't the worst when all it is, is a room to sleep in at the end of the day but if you can spend the same amount of money on an entire space like we did in Kelowna vs only a bed in a Hostel, it certainly isn't rocket science. Once creating your profile on AirBnB you can search where you plan to visit and use the filters like Type, Price, Location, Amount of Guests to ensure it finds the best options suited to you! Much like the 'ride-sharing' company Uber the Owner of the AirBnB you stay at will leave a review upon your stay and visa versa, this will be an indication as to the success rate you and the home owner have - this is a great way to ensure you aren't staying with someone who might be a little sketchy.

If you are planning a trip anytime soon I throughly recommend making a profile on both of these sites, it will make your experience 100x easier and less stressful!

On the last day of our trip in Kelowna we wanted to relaxed after doing nothing but Snowboarding the day before so we travelled into the township. In an attempt to find somewhere to have brunch we stumbled across this AMAZING place called 'The Bohemian Cafe and Catering Co'. After waiting 20 minutes for our table in a place that seemed like all the town had come to visit on that Sunday morning we were excited to have our belly's full and of course as you already know about me a damn good coffee!

Kelowna is more commonly known as the WINE capital of BC housing some of the most vast wineries in the region but given the weather was against us we chose to do a little window shopping instead. With all that Kelowna has to offer, I must admit that it was quite spread out so if you are looking at visiting make sure you have the sufficient transport to do so. I would also recommend visiting in a warmer weather as many of the locals had mentioned that this town thrived in the Summer time with a plethora of markets and activities to keep you entertained.

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