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Looking Forward In Times Of Grief.


So it's been a while since I last wrote an entry. Honestly I have enjoyed a little break, not that I don't enjoy writing but life sometimes - and in the case of my own just recently - has a way of getting away from us...

In an effort to be completely transparent we recently lost a family member and although this loss was from my partners side of the family, it shook the very foundation we hold dear. Being so far away is more of a burden in these moments of family grief and has been a real test of endurance and perspective.

Ironic isn't it? That it takes the loss of life to regain value in your own.

We are so very fragile and yet so very strong and I for one have a tendency to forget it. Blazing ahead always forging a new path, moving forward and not looking back. These things do have a way of catching up with us by renewing our humanity and compassion for one another and within ourselves.

I had intentions of writing an entry on the adventures we had whilst white water rafting but honestly this feels more fitting and I don't even have a heading or a general topic as of yet. So bare with me as I file through the thoughts bouncing around in my head in typical Liz fashion.

Where to begin..

Firstly we have all been busy little worker bee's buzzing away with our summer jobs in Jasper. Jasper has been booming as of late, a local known fact is that the population literally triples in size whilst in the Summer season! Yes you heard me correctly.. TRIPLES. Like what??

So the days have been long and exhausting, but with hard work comes sweet triumph - the four of us have all booked fights and accommodation for our new amazing adventure after we finish up here in Jasper at the end of October.


We are going to Kahului, Hawaii to lap up the sand, sun and scrumptious cocktails. Not to mention I am planning of trying 'stand up paddle boarding' for the first time - I know, I know how can I possibly call myself an Australian if I have never done stand up paddling boarding before! #shamelful and if you know me well than you will know I am a sucker for a good flea market and according to my googling and online research I think we will be in for a treat!

Once we have had our fill of luau's and hawaiian skirts then we jet to Orlando, Florida where I plan to be a literal adult sized kid in all of the Harry Potter World's candy shops and theme park attractions - buying all the Berty Botts every flavoured beans! *insert childish screams of delight here*.

So lots of developments have progressed some sad and some happy but I suppose that's balance? So now its all about working our backsides off and enjoying the more simple and smaller adventures in life. Again, the theme balance keeps coming to mind..

Like the picture below of my love and our recent horse riding adventures, I am only showing you a sneak peek as that particular adventure deserves its very own blog entry. Stay tuned folks!

Much of this Canadian adventure has provided more clarity than I ever thought possible, less is most certainly more and the relationships we hold most dear require the most attention. Not to mention the connection we hold within ourselves.

Which brings me full circle back to what we first spoke of in this entry, although we may be oceans apart, when we loose one of our own it effects us in the same part of our hearts. Grief can be ugly but has the uncanny effect of remaining universal, it lets us know that we all walk to the same beat and reminds us to cherish the life we have been given.

Until next time,

Liz x

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