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Real Talk. There are things that you may not realize before living on a Ski mountain, I certainly did not anticipate all the aspects of our current living circumstance before carting my two 23kg suitcases across the snowy terrain that currently engulfs our cabin.

Every now and again you may experience a power outage resulting in you digging out the dusty candles you had stored away for a rainy day. When you live on a snow mountain the chances of power outages becomes less of a rarity and more of a bi-weekly occurrence. Now when the power goes out so does the heat that keeps you warm from those dreaded minus degree temperatures, yes you heard me correctly.. MINUS DEGREES.

With this said, we have been extremely lucky this winter season as we have gas heating in our lounge room but our friends who also live on this mountain in separate accommodation can't say the same. This must be why penguins huddle for warmth?

With the loss of power comes the issue of food preparation and preservation..

No power = No fridge.

Now we often laugh and say we can just put our food outside in the 12ft wall of ice - yes I mean Game Of Thrones kinda wall, except there is no fire breathing dragon (except maybe me before my morning coffee.) However the Pro of this cave-man style delicacy is that whilst ever there is no power we get to eat in the Mountain's Lodge for free, thanks to our understanding bosses!

I know I sound like a Debby Downer right now but as we speak I am sitting in our Lodge's cafeteria, severely under-slept due to the coldness we experienced last night (not even my boyfriends furnace-like body heat could keep us warm!) It is my day off and we ventured up the hill from our cabin to the lodge because we have no internet and we all had job interview's over Sykpe in the early hours of this morning #zombieliz for this coming Summer season. Usually this would be done in the comfort of our little cabin BUT YOU GUESSED IT.. we are in the middle of a power outage. One in fact that is due to last for 3 days.

Something that I didn't know before living on a snow mountain is chains for your vehicle. Yes you will require literal wheel shaped chains for your vehicle's wheels to enable you to drive around the ridiculously icy roads and not slip worse than an olympic figure skater. Driving in a different country has been a challenge at the best of times not to mention that you also need to be weary of the icy roads. I can't tell you how many times we have gotten our car bogged due to the amount of snow, I will never again complain to drive in Australia in what we think is bad weather!

This is the bus we use to get off the mountain, not such a magic school bus anymore!

Getting off the mountain can get quite difficult too, luckily we have a weekly bus trip off the mountain (except when other drivers run you off the road like the picture above) provided via the Lodge's management and the worlds best bus driver - who we have grown quite close with in our travels! Proof again that Canada has provided the best of friends for us. Thank the lord that we have the ability to get off the mountain too because Cabin Fever is most certainly a thing. As beautiful as our surroundings can be it is nice to see other things, plus any excuse to eat out and order a proper coffee is good by me!

I could sit here all day and mention things of why mountain living can be difficult but thats not my style plus I've unintentionally mentioned Coffee twice now so I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something! #coffeetime

There are many challenges living in the snow but nothing that can't be overcome with a positive aptitude, supportive friends to help you and a butt load of warm socks.

Until next time

- Liz x

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