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Outside Of The Comfort Zone

Do you know what is difficult? Packing up your entire life and moving abroad. Leaving your friends and family behind to continue their lives and watching the most special of moments through the screen of your phone. I had an entire house, not just as a house but a home filled with things. Upon reflection probably too many things as many of us hang our heads in shame when we buy that pretty thing from Kmart that sits in the corner of your lounge room in which you intended to make into something but never really did. If like me that was you, than I am right there with you in solidarity. Although I harbour no regret, I loved my life. But something was missing.

My partner and I had intended on purchasing a house, getting married and as the nursery rhyme goes probably having a baby in a golden carriage. It wouldn't have happened all at once of course but sooner rather than later was the motto. It was Boxing day when we lost a family friend to an awful car accident, I vividly remember getting the chilling call to say he had passed away. All these things we had planned seemed so trivial in comparison to what was unfolding right in front of our eyes, we had seen him no longer than the day before the accident, where he spoke of the adventures he wished for and the plans he had for his family.

Fast forward to the moment in which I decided I was going to move overseas and travel.

Much of my deliberation steamed from the many losses I have witnessed over the years mostly my loved ones passing on with unfilled wishes. The knowledge that if comfortable, I would remain complacent and stagnant whilst admitting to myself I wasn't ready for any of the things that would require commitment above what I had already made space for in my life.

Most importantly realizing that I will in fact one day be that pinnacle of my stability but in order for me to be the best version of that, I wanted to put some miles on my soul first.

That kind of self honesty is unearthing and shakes any foundation you thought you possessed. If you dig through the layers at hand you will see that these pre-conceived notions of 'pressured dependancy' come from what we think we should do, rather than what we actually want to do. You know whats even scarier? Not knowing what you want. Heaven forbid you have no clue what you want or where you want to be. I find refuge in having had the pleasure of working alongside businesses most hungry of hustlers and even they have moments of unclear uncertainly, doesn't that just make you feel great? That you aren't the only one!

The thing about things and money is you can always make and have more of it. Whats a real struggle is obtaining memories, I was so busy making a living that I forgot to make a life and if we're being really real here I was quite adapted to blowing what little personal life I had to smithereens by a plethora of bad decisions. I had forgotten what true happiness was and it resulted in self destruction.

That and many other reasonings lead to our decision to sell what we could, give a lot of it away to charity and keep the important things for the future when we would have another home to place them in! Our self made purge left us free and clear to go wherever we wanted and to be whatever versions of ourselves made us the most happy. Together and apart.

All our things are stored in this storage container for when we get back.

When you travel you force yourself to be constantly bordering on your comfort zone. The people you meet are from all over the world and will usually have similar stories to you, people with like-mindedness and experience to you. You stop yourself for making the mundane as you know in the back of your mind you wont always be here. Being the most you can be because as soon as you are settled somewhere you move again and you find an entirely new group of human beings to connect with, requiring you to actually try. I know right! ACTUALLY TRY!

But the strangest thing happens when you put yourself in these situations, you find the kind of people who are attracted to you on the most genuine of levels and in turn realize what are the things that make you you. The habits you have and the choices you make, right down to the characteristics that define you. All of these things can be evaluated and understood when you are given the opportunity to be known a-new.

Now if we could only apply this same method to every day life, travel or not. Do you think we would be better off?

Food for thought.

Until next time,

- Liz x

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