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So You Want To Live In Staff Accomodation

So I've contemplated writing this entry for such a long time, partly because my experience with living in the provided staff accommodation have been nothing but a laugh! Don't get too carried away because that 'laugh' you are thinking of isn't what you think it is.. It's the kind of awkward breathy laugh you make when you're uncomfortable because if you don't you may well spontaneously combust into flames.

You all know me by now and that I tend to have a flare for the dramatic but don't forget these are just my opinions - now with that said after living in 'staff accom' (thats what we experts call it) *insert forehead slap here* has proven to me without any doubt, that I NEVER EVER want to live in staff accom again. But low and behold the universe has another plan for me and as it would seem we will be living in another pre-organized staffing house on the next leg of our Canadian adventures! #staytuned In the grand scheme of things staff accommodation is not that bad. Respectfully our current situation is incentivized with an end of season 'Rent Back' deal, meaning if we stay for the entire length of our contract (6 months) you receive all the rent you paid throughout the season back to you in full (minus tax) - but it's always better than nothing right? Previously to living in Jasper we were housed in our own little snow shack that we paid $200 CAD per fortnight for, it had gas and water included. Along with all the furniture and a washing machine. It worked out great for us as we travel in a pack of four meaning they didn't need to seek additional roommates, especially when we took up two couple rooms. Plus it is wayyyy easier to live with family than strangers!

This House Was Split Into Four Parts & That Area Under That Balcony Was Our Part Of The House!

And when your back yard looks like this there isn't much to complain about!

Fast forward to moving to the summery town of Jasper, our staff accommodation isn't too bad and of course your home is always what you make it. BUT heres the thing, most of the houses that are designated for staff are unkept and falling apart. Some walls have holes in them, the paint is stripped and don't be surprised if the holes in the walls aren't just there for decoration. For example our lower basement staff house has a kitchen the size of a large cupboard in an attempt to have six grown adults eat and cook each day, yes you heard me right 6 adults! You see when moving to this job our little 'mouse house' they call it, already had another couple living in it. They are quiet and young, usually those two adjectives don't go into the same sentence but its great for the granny in me who likes to drink her tea and go to bed early! Chores are the hardest thing in the planet to maintain because as soon as you clear the mess even more appears. In the beginning the four of us had such an incredibly hard time over looking this and it always resulted in us washing up all the dishes we hadn't used, vacuuming the lounge room or cleaning that bathroom when we knew it wasn't our turn.. Much like naughty little children there is a structured cleaning roster we are meant to stick by.. now i say 'meant to' very very very loosely and extremely passive aggressively. But as I was told growing up, you make the mess you clean it up. Maybe not everyone got the memo?

As I mentioned above we all live in a basement, the thing about living underneath another part of the building is it is NOISEYYYYYY! I have come to the conclusion that all of the staff whom live above us, all own large herds of baby elephants as their pets but they don't like to come out and play until we decide to go to sleep. So if peace and quiet is your thing you may want to invest in some awesome ear plugs or get ready to build up those guns whilst you bang your fist on the roof above you! It's not all horror stories I promise! But as you may already know I am a stickler for preparation so I am always going to put it straight for you! I tend to think that many of this issues happen to most households whether you live in staff accommodation or not - so if you are thinking of moving to a space like this, may it be a dorm room for school, staff accommodation for your job or even just a room mate to share the rent - be mindful of others and the way they've been brought up. Many of the people you will meet along the way came to that place for the very same reasons you did. For me it has been: 1) The job 2) To experience something new 3) To heal their wounds All of which I have grown to realize are the exact same reasons I find myself here. PLUS! It's only temporary, as the season ends you'll pack up all your things and hop onto the next adventure. Where you will once again get to meet an entirely new bunch of inspiring insightful individuals who intrigue you each and every day! You will learn things about yourself through their stories, through their beliefs and through the way they live their lives. They will annoy you, frustrate you and live far too closely to your inner bubble but those are the kinds of connections that make for great memories and valuable lessons to be taught to those that come after you! Here's to one day having my own home to do whatever the heck I want in!

Until next time, - Liz x

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